Tuesday, 13 November 2012


ART is where I shed a Masterpiece

Art is where I shed coloured; rain

If you were the Mono Lisa, every -one would come and see

Everyone is not the same

It seems to me that’s who I am

A …ME……………

Eyes to view, looking wide to unlock sky

A rare and priceless piece of art my heart clock…… in my mind’s eye

I will not renounce my soul I will only paint truth.no lies from me

I stand in front of my masterpiece

I cannot tell you how it hurts so much…holding rainbow sky

My hand to eye my heart it cried

I am resilient, but I stand alone with angels who stand guard by me

A wounded woman painting marks….

Tiny particles of light fused hopefully confronting sparks

Honesty……. it sometimes hurts

To be a chosen one

To be the one to paint and write a masterpiece; my love for art

Where once I was held in deep repose a chamber dark

A miracle of paint marks; hidden….. living inside ;which then arose

I am a master piece ………I have now attached

Unlike a thief in the night; he who goes…

Leaving me with painful eyes; wound marks; …..done

Lengths of pain belonging to the chancer’s clan…..but I have won

I can’t tell you why it hurts so much…to paint a master piece….but it can

But you cannot feel…. as I do my soul

The strength that lives inside

Is to attach you, to feeling growth

My prize is to paint a World; I am now left stripped without disguise

To touch others with what life moves inside

Marks, strokes which have begun

That is my note for all to queue

My life being now creativity

Out came a flowing river once held now new

Now each eye and hand is used to make my marks

My loudest note is in my hand ; I paint always with my heart

March 17th 2011……..this was started … I have now fine tuned it……hope you like it …it is about truth.