Saturday, 28 April 2012

Late my studio

Painted late into the afternoon... I paint two paintings at the same time... have to... I am more inspired doing it this way... and also it gives me time to dance with both of the marks and line textures and colours which I like to sit together..I love marrying the colours and layering the back ground... I love my motler...havn't used anything else since I came back from Spain..Caroline was so right about my working ethic... she is so inspiring to me.... I hope she knows this...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Invitation to Exhibit my New Work June 2012

I have been invited to exhibit my new collection... again at.. The Mac Gallery in Doncaster this June... Please visit last exhibition which was held in March 2012 featuring The Theme Subterfuge and layers of Icing... go onto the Artiztime facebook page and review... or look for the video attached to this blog... comments are appreciated...Lizzie

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rocking Still

I’m a Russian Doll
Falling over standing up
I’m a Bella Woman
Holding on, hoping for my moment
Moving on
I’m a mother giver
A warm encompassing heart
I am a people person
A working life, holding on, no fear, set to restart
I am a beauty giver
A poet feeder alive
A bright flame high on a tower
A mountain path
A flower
I stand on a crevasse
A jagged edge
I thrive on a mountain
A survival species
Wrapped in coloured fountains
I am a rock face
An artist who sculptures words
I am a unique woman
A mother earth......

This is the poem which I wrote about myself ... which I used to inspire the painting... Lizzie